Webinar: GDP Partner Selection and Technical/Quality Agreements Im Auftrag der ECA Academy

Webinar: GDP Partner Selection and Technical/Quality Agreements Im Auftrag der ECA Academy

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Dr Afshin Hosseiny, Chair of the European GDP Association


Pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesalers outsource many of their GDP related activities, these may include transportation and distribution, cleaning of facilities, pest control, IT systems, etc. Choosing the right partners to provide you with the right level of quality ensuring product integrity in the supply chain is very important and requires a structured approach to the development of requirements, selection process and finally management post selection. An accurate Technical/Quality Agreement reflecting your requirements enables both parties develop a common understanding of quality. An agreed Technical/Quality agreement will ensure a successful partnership is developed, allowing both parties to collaborate, ensuring quality, safety, and efficacy of the medicines involved are maintained throughout the supply chain.

Target Group

The webinar is aimed at coworkers and high-level personnel from the following industries:
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers (e.g. logistics and QA),
  • Drug wholesaler,
  • Logistics companies,
  • External warehouses,
  • further service providers offering services for the distribution of pharmaceuticals.

Technical Requirements

For our webinars, we use Cisco WebEx, one of the leading suppliers of online meetings. At http://www.webex.com/test-meeting.html you can check if your system meets the necessary requirements for the participation at a WebEx meeting and at the same time install the necessary plugin. Please just enter your name and email address for the test. If the installation is not possible because of your rights for the computer system, please contact your IT department. WebEx is a standard nowadays and the necessary installation is fast and easy.


This webinar aims to give participants a comprehensive yet compact overview on the various aspects of GDP partner selection and the necessary contracts. The following topics will be covered:
  • What GDP activities are outsourced
  • How to develop a selection criteria
  • The selection process
  • How to manage the contract
  • Technical/Quality agreements – what to include to ensure we receive the service we need


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